C-MAC Days 2014 will take place in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting will be held at the Institute of Physics, Bijenička 46, HR-10 000 Zagreb. Participants will be accommodated at Hotel Central, Branimirova 3, HR-10000 Zagreb
Welcome reception will take place at the hotel Central on 8th December at 19:00.

Lunches will be served at the restaurant „Andrija Štampar“, Rockefellerova 4, HR-10000 Zagreb Croatia which is located at five minutes walking distance from the Institute, while diner on 9th December will be served at the meeting place in the Institute of Physics at 19:00.

Gala dinner will take place at the Klub književnika, Trg Bana J. Jelačića 7/1, Hr-10 000 Zagreb, tel./fax. +385 1 4812290 on 10th December at 19:00.

Wireless Internet access is available within the hotel Central as well as at the Institute of Physics.